TestBash Manchester has moved online, so instead of taking a trip to the same city that contains the set of Coronation Street, Blue Peter gardens and the Lowry Theatre, we watched the event from the comfort of our own homes (or offices, if you’d returned to them yet).

The main event took place on the 2nd October 2020, but there was still a week of lunch time talks and a pre-test bash event. This blog post contains sketch notes from all the pre-TestBash talks (except my own) including the 99 second round.

Getting Started with Mobile Accessibility Testing – Ady Stokes

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The Big Test Theory – Ady’s blog
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Don’t Run Before You Can Walk – Louise Gibbs

I’m not sure how I can sketch-note my own talk. Sorry about that.

Here is a link to download the slides.

Slides download link

If anyone created sketch-notes for my talk, I would love to see them.

What is a Principal Tester? – Jitesh Gosai

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My Journey to Becoming a DevOps Tester…By Playing Board Games – Hannah Beech

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How to Build Your Personal Brand – Gabbi Trotter

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99 Second Talks

Bruce Hughes
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Dan Billing
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The Test Doctor – blog
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Illeana Herrera
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Olgica Nikolin
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Ady Stokes
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The Big Test Theory – Ady’s blog
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This will be completed once Ady has given the 2nd part of his talk at tomorrow’s 99 second talk round.