Past Events

Online Test Conf (Speaking)

Spring 2018 – June 19th/20th 2018
Women in Test: Why we need Diversity (Lightning Talk)

Fall 2018 – November 27th/28th 2018
Getting the most out of Automated Software Test Development
If a tree falls in a forest… (Lightning Talk)

Ministry of Testing – #MidsTest (Speaking)

January 23rd 2019, Birmingham
Improving the reliability of automated tests
Photos of event available here
99 second talk – Bug hunting is a team sport!

July 19th 2019, Coventry
99 second talk – A stitch in time reduces critical bugs

Wednesday 17th July 2019
The Joy of Record and Playback in Test Automation
99 Second Talk – speak to your developers

Reviews of Events I Attended

Collaborate Bristol 2019
London Tester Gathering Workshops 2019 – Automate Scenarios with Specflow