Louise Gibbs - Software Tester

Defending the quality of our software applications since 2013

External Blog Posts

Here are a list of articles and blog posts that I’ve written for other websites.

Telerik Blog

Bug Reporting – Writing for an Audience
published 22nd September 2021

Data-Driven Testing
published 15th June 2021

Ministry of Test

Starting Out With UI Automation Using SpecFlow
published February 2021

TestProject Blog

Testing With Feature Toggles
published 10th June 2020

The Bugs Are Already Here! – The Testing Pyramid & Game of Thrones
published 5th May 2019

7 Reasons to Skip Tests
published 5th March 2019

Adapting Recorded Test Cases to Improve Your Test Automation
published 14th February 2019

Benefits of Record and Playback Features in Test Automation
published 5th February 2019

Inside a Stationary Shop: Analyzing Different Testing Methods
published 20th December 2018

Test Automation is Still Testing, But don’t go at it alone 
published 13th November 2018

Material Talks – Malvern Panalytical Blog

Defenders of Quality
published 16th January 2019

A bug in the system!
published 16th October 2018

Automated Software Testing
published 28th August 2018

International Women in Engineering Day
published 26th July 2018

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