ExpoQA 2022 was a conference that took place in Madrid between the 31st May and 2nd June 2022. This week I will be posting some sketchnotes for the talks that I attended.

Do you ever feel under pressure to release more often with less time and money? Testing is an activity that never seems to have an end-point. There is always ‘more testing’ that could be done. So when do we decide when we are ready? Instead of just trying to ‘test more’, we should instead focus on the real world. This was a wonderfully relatable talk which addressed the challenges that most testers will have faced at some point in their career.

#Sketchnote of talk ‘Reality Driven Testing In Agile Projects’ by Rob Sabourin at ExpoQA 2022

Key points

  • We test so we can gather enoguh information for the stakeholders so they can determine if the product is ready for release.
  • To better focus our testing, we want to understand what quality is, or specifically what the stakeholders think quality is. This is something that is likely to change with time.
  • Whe deciding what to test, we should focus on the real world. This includes:
    • Real Changes – identify what has changed and what the impact of this change is.
    • Real Usage – understand who the user is and what they are doing with the product. Design clever tests that target these users, and avoid irrelevant tests which don’t cover real scenerios.
    • Real World – identify who is paying for the software and who is using the software. Is the user likely to be someone with experience or a novice? Gather test data which closely matches real world data.