ExpoQA 2022 was a conference that took place in Madrid between the 31st May and 2nd June 2022. This week I will be posting some sketchnotes for the talks that I attended.

As testers, it is easy to see bugs everywhere and get frustrated when every single one is not fixed. Attempting to make things perfect can cause stress and anxiety. The aim should not be to make things perfect. Instead, it should be to provide information. If the bug is not fixed, then its not the end of the world. We have done our job and made that bug known. Sometimes we have to just accept that it won’t be fixed.

#Sketchnote of talk ‘Naming your dragons’ by Rick Tracy at ExpoQA 2022

Key points

  • Nothing in this world works correctly, and this can make us scared and anxious. In the same way, dragons can also make us feel scared and anxious.
  • A way to deal with anxiety is to:
    1. Center yourself – calm down
    2. Name your dragons (the things that are making you anxious)
    3. Fight the dragons you need to fight
  • Main cause of stress is perfection. It is often unachievable and attempting to be perfect rarely goes well. Don’t try to be perfect by fighting too many dragons.
  • We should test to get information, not to make the product perfect. This information can help guide others through imperfection.
  • Try to achieve an acceptable state of imperfect.
  • There are 5 main options when dealing with dragons:
    • Prevent it
    • Find mitigations
    • Reduce the impact
    • Create a contingency plan
    • Accept it
  • In the majority of cases, everything will be OK!