ExpoQA 2022 was a conference that took place in Madrid between the 31st May and 2nd June 2022. This week I will be posting some sketchnotes for the talks that I attended.

What is a Gish? A Dungeons and Dragons character who can both fight and cast spells. When on a campaign that takes the group into unknown territory, it is beneficial to have a character with mulitple skills.

Nicole Can Der Hoeven delivered an engaging talk, using this dungeons and dragons analogy to demonstrate the importance of multiple skills when dealing with uncerain challenges.

This leads to a demo of K6, an open source tool that can focus on:

  • API Load Testing
  • Browser Automation
  • Chaos Engineering
#Sketchnote of talk ‘How To Be A Gish’ by Nicole Van Der Hoeven at ExpoQA 2022

Key points

Importance of multidiscipinary skills:

  • Specialists are good at one thing but have limitations. They may struggle to adapt to a changing environment.
  • Generalists have a mixture of skills which mean they are better prepared when dealing with unexpected challenges.
  • Testing is a multidisciplinary practice. They are able to deal with the bigger picture, not just limiting themselves to one small part of the application.
  • Technology is constantly changing, so it is important to adapt with the changing environment.

K6 testing tool

  • K6 is an open source generalist tool that can focus on mulitple areas.
  • These areas are:
    • API Load Testing
    • Browser Automation
    • Chaos Engineering
  • All three of these can be sun separately or combined into a single script

Other ways to be a Gish (develop multiple skills)

  • Don’t just consider 1 type of testing. Expand your range of skills.
  • Focus on soft skills as well as technical ones. Communication is essential.
  • Build your career by taking notes on all projects you’ve worked on.
  • Try to develop new ideas and change your mindset.