TestProject is a wonderful test automation platform that can be used to create and run automated tests for both web and mobile. TestProject 2.0 was released on March 16th 2021 and, to celebrate this event, TestProject hosted a free webinar where they announced some of their new features.

I have been a big fan of TestProject for a while. My main attraction to the platform is that it is free, allowing anyone to experiment with test automation and not worry about the financial cost. I was keen to watch the webinar to discover what new features TestProject has to offer. I have presented my findings in a sketchnote.

Hybrid Cloud

This new version has helped make automation more accessible. The Hybrid Cloud allows automation to take place anywhere. A reporting dashboard, test repository and orchestration are stored in the cloud. Tests can be created and executed locally using a TestAgent. A DeviceFarm enables testing on multiple browsers and devices.

Offline Mode

For those who have to work away from the office with limited internet connection, there is a new offline mode. Tests are created locally for mobile or web, and then saved to a file. All required test packages and components need to be downloaded to the environment the tests need to be run on. Once this is done, the tests can be run on that environment and a test report is generated locally.

Other New Features

Additional new features included in TestProject 2.0 include:

  • JavaScript OpenSDK
  • Upload and Execution for Java and C# OpenSDK
  • Ability to add tags to jobs and tests

Some other new features which will be added later in the year include:

  • Built-in integration with Git (April 2021)
  • Smart lab execution (May 2021)
  • Parallel execution on a single agent (May 2021)
  • JavaScript OpenSDK for Mobile (June 2021)
  • JIRA plugin (June 2021)


Webinar for the TestProject 2.0 launch
A link to the youtube video showing the webinar in which TestProject announced some of the new features included in TestProject 2.0

First look at TestProject
A blog post I published a couple of years ago where I discuss my experiences using TestProject for the first time, including how I created a basic API and UI test using the TestProject platform.