On Wednesday 4th November, I will be running my 99 minute workshop on sketchnoting and visual facilitation. How did I prepare for this talk? I decided to complete my 99 second sketchnotes from TestBash Manchester.

The 99 second talks are a popular feature of the Ministry of Testing conferences. They are a great way to practice and build confidence as a public speaker. Some like to use them as a way to try out new ideas for a conference talk and see how people respond. I find listening to 99 second talks a great way to practice note taking. At TestBash Manchester, I took rough notes while listening to the talk. The trick is to identify the key message in each talk, rather than try to write everything down (which is almost impossible). I then adapt these notes into sketchnotes.

Here are my sketchnotes from the 99 second talk round at TestBash Manchester 2020.


Test Bash Manchester 2020

Details about my Visual Facilitation and Sketchnoting workshop: