This article contains details of an event that took place at 8am on the 25th June. A Lean Coffee session will take place every Thursday at 8am (GMT + 1), this will be following a QA Babble talk which takes place on the Wednesday at 12pm (GMT + 1). Click here for information about future sessions that you can take part in.

Every Thursday morning at 8am (GMT + 1) I host an online Lean Coffee discussion. This is intended to add a follow up discussion for the weekly QA Babble webinar which takes place every Wednesday at 12pm (GMT + 1).

This weeks topic will be titled Where did I put my trust? and based on the talk of the same name by Martin Huckle. The main talk and the Lean Coffee session will take place over Zoom. Discussion topcs for the Lean Coffee session will be organised using MetroRetro.

If you want to take part in the Lean Coffee session, we recommend that you also watch the lunch time webinar that takes place the day before at Wednesday lunchtime.

We keep spaces for the Lean Coffee session limited to just 12 people to give everyone a chance to contribute to the conversation. If you choose to sign up, you will be put on a waitlist. We will then message you to confirm that you will be attending. Once you’ve confirmed this, we will send you the Zoom and MetroRetro links so you can take part.

If you’re interested in taking part, then sign up using the meetup links below:

Lean coffee morning follow up to, “Where did I put my trust?”

Thursday, Jun 25, 2020, 8:00 AM

Online event

2 Babblers Attending

IMPORTANT – This event is invite only due to the numbers needing to be kept to a suitable amount for it to function fluidly. Therefore ideally please do send me a connection request on Linkedin @ for the best chance to get a slot or failing that make sure you keep an eye on your PM’s via meetup :D! This lean…

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“Where did I put my trust?”, with Martin Huckle!

Wednesday, Jun 24, 2020, 12:00 PM

Online event

37 Babblers Attending

Overview: “Where did I put my trust?” is an exploration of some of the areas in a software development project, with a stronger focus on testing, where we place our trust or withhold it. There will be a look at where acceptance of the current situation holds us back and how empowerment of your team can be a way to challenge accepted norms and incre…

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What is Lean Coffee?

Lean Coffee is a friendly discussion session where everyone is giving the opportunity to suggest topics and vote on them. Topics are prioritized by the number of vote so the debate is decided by everyone taking part, rather than just a single person.

My favourite part of any conference or meetup event is the post-talk discussion and networking. A lot can be learnt from these discussions. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused all events to move online. Sadly, this has resulted in a loss of these post-talk discussions.

The aim of this Lean Coffee session is to re-introduce the discussions.

If you’ve not taken part in a Lean Coffee discussion before, this is how they normally take place:

  • All participants are invited to suggest topics to discuss by writing them onto post-it notes  
  • Everyone is invited to vote on which topics they would like to discuss  
  • We spend 5 minutes discussing each topic, starting with the topic that had the most votes  
  • When the 5 minutes is up, we have the option to continue with the discussion or move on to the next topic.