Here are the sketch-notes for the webinars I watched last week. As well as this, I hosted a lean coffee discussion session to take place the day after Simon Priors leadership talk. Click here to read more about Lean Coffee and the discussion that took please.

Exploring DevOps Transformation Like a Tester with Parveen Khan

All testers are likely to experience some kind of company transformation. In this talk, Parveen told of her own experience of DevOps transformation, and how she adapted to this change.

Her approach to understanding the change was similar to how she might learn about an application she is testing – through exploration and asking questions. Understanding what DevOps is and why the company want to transition to a DevOps culture is key to understanding the context of the change.

Parveen acknowledged that the transformation was a continuous journey with no set goal. She has many ideas to improve the testing process. She was keen to avoid the mindset that testers are not technical and therefore won’t understand the reasoning behind a DevOps transformation. All members of the team should be free to ask questions, understand why this transformation is happening and suggest ideas.

It is ok to feel scared and not know something. Being free to ask questions will help fill in any knowledge gaps.

There is much to learn from stories like these. Its great that Parveen was willing to share her own story.

The recording of this talk is available here.

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Baptism Of Fire – Journey Into Modern Test Leadership with Simon Prior

I watched the lunchtime talk by Simon Prior who shared his story about becoming a Test Manager. Transitioning from a QA Lead to a QA Manager was not easy. He went from a technical, hands-role to a management role with little testing. He managed 2 teams, each in separate countries. He helped build a new team with new testers and developers, but had to endure more meetings, less time for work, and colleagues treating him differently because of his new position.

He found this new supportive role, which included coaching and mentoring, a rewarding one. However, the workload provided many challenges. The pressure was too much and he had to cut back.

Managers watching this talk will be able to empathize as they are likely to have been through a similar situation themselves. Testers who wish to go into a management role will better understand the pressures of a management position. Stories like this one are important to share as it helps raise awareness that anyone can suffer from work related stress.

A recording of the talk is available here.