I only have 1 set of sketch-notes to share this week, but I did give my own talk about getting started with test automation. Unable to sketch-note my own talk, I’ve shared the slides plus a recording instead.

In other news, I’ve been wanting to run a lean coffee session so I’ve scheduled one for next week. Continue to the end of this post if you’re interested in taking part.

MOTrix – Real World Example of Performance Testing

This weeks MOTrix talk was by Lukasz Nowanski and was about Performance Testing. I confess this is an area I have little experience in. When I saw the phrase ‘real world example’ in the title, I was concerned that this talk would be too technical too be of benefit to me.

Fortunately, these concerns were unfounded as it provided a basic description of the performance testing process. Useful for anyone who is a complete novice like myself.

For performance testing, you need a baseline. This is something to compare current and future performance to. After a change has been made to the application, you want to assess whether the performance of the application has improved or degenerated. If things have improved, then we have our new baseline. If not, then we need to identify bottlenecks that could be the cause of this decline.

Providing a real life example (not included in my sketch-notes) helped cement my understanding of performance testing. It provided an introduction to what performance testing is, how it should be applied, and what tools could be used. This would be a great talk to refer to for anyone expected to help introduce performance testing to a company.

QA Babble – Don’t Run Before You Can Walk

This week I gave a talk for the QA Babble meetup about getting started with Test Automation. This is a talk I’ve been wanting to give for a while as I speak to a lot of software testers who want to make the move into test automation but are either lacking the skills to do so, or have not been given the opportunity.

I got some lovely comments and messages from people who watched the talk. Thank you, and I hope it helps you in your journey to becoming a test automation developer.

Click here to download the slides

Planned Lean Coffee Session

I’ve been wanting to host a virtual lean coffee session at some point. Lean coffee is an informal discussion session where participants vote on what topics to discuss.

I’ve decided to run one on Thursday 28th May at 8am (British Summer Time). The main topic of focus will be Modern Test Leadership, and be partially in response to the next QA Babble talk by Simon Prior on the same subject. You won’t have to watch this talk to take part, but it may provide some inspiration for the discussion. Alternatively, I’m planning on sketch-noting this talk and I will be posting these on social media and my blog before the session.

The discussion will be held over zoom, and topics will be submitted and organised using MetroRetro.

If you are interested in taking part or have any questions, please message me via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Baptism of Fire – Becoming a Modern Test Leader with Simon Prior.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 12:00 PM

Online event

92 Babblers Went

(Please note that this will be an online live webinar event via Zoom hosted by Woodrow mercer) Having been in Software engineering for 11 years and QA for 7 years, in June 2017, I became a QA Manager. Without any training, I went from Technical Lead to QA Manager almost overnight. I’ll admit, I felt like an imposter, if it hadn’t been for the suppo…

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