Here is are the sketch-notes that I created for webinars that I watched over the last couple of weeks.

MOTrix: Accessibility for Beginners with Elizabeth Fiennes

From June 2010, for about a year, I was in a wheelchair. About 2 years after that I couldn’t go anywhere without crutches. You don’t realize the issues that people with disabilities face until you are in that situation yourself.

Ignorance is a big issue. People never realise the true impact that parking in a disabled bay or in front of a drop curb can has. Not having enough space to leave the car meant I couldn’t go shopping. A car blocking a drop curb prevented me from getting onto the pavement safely, instead having to travel along a dangerous road to get to the next drop curb.

My temporary disability affected my ability to travel, however I was still able to continue my university studies thanks to modern technology. Issues that could impact someone’s ability to use a computer application did not affect me as much. Not everyone is that lucky.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with Accessibility Testing really needs to watch this talk. With so many myths and misconceptions about what makes a website accessible, its no wonder that its often neglected.

Elizabeth’s talk gave a basic overview of why accessibility is important, methods for persuading companies to take it more seriously, and some small design changes that can improve the usability and accessibility of an application for everyone.

Making an application more accessible can improve the general usability of an application. Accessibility benefits everyone.


Ask Me Anything – API Testing

I’m actually quite new to API testing, so was thrilled when I saw the topic for the next Ministry of Testing AMA.

A few topics that came up include:

  • the benefits of other types of testing when compared to API testing
    • Its always good to make sure the business logic works before testing how it works in the UI
  • Exploratory API Testing
  • Tips for getting started

I also appreciated questions that helped clarify a few definitions, especially the difference between REST and SOAP. Something I was unaware of before watching this talk.

The best takeaway – Dev Tools! Always have the dev tools open. Its always useful to understand the API calls that are being made for each UI component.


QA Babble – Future Talk

On Wednesday, I’ll be giving a talk about getting started with test automation. I believe that for a tester to be able to successfully develop automated tests, then effort is required from both the tester and the business. In this talk, I will discuss what skills a tester should focus on developing, but also what the business should be doing to support the tester.

Click on the link below if your interested in watching this talk. I look forward to ‘seeing’ you there. Its at 12pm (UTC + 1) on Wednesday 20th May 2020.

Don’t Run Before You Can Walk – How to get into automation or help others do so!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 12:00 PM

Online event

98 Babblers Went

(Please note that this will be an online live webinar event via Zoom hosted by Woodrow Mercer Technology) Don’t Run Before You Can Walk, with Louise Gibbs So you want to do test automation… Demand for test automation developers is growing fast. It is now more essential than ever for testers to keep their skills current and up-to-date. Making the …

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