This action packed week included 2 webinars and the highly anticipated TestBash Home.

Do We Need To Be A SDIT?

The first webinar I watched was given by Callum Akehurst-Ryan, as part of the iO Virtual Meetup.

In this talk, Callum examined the perception of testers and SDIT’s (Software Developers In Test). He proposed that testers needs a T-shaped set of skills containing a mix of general skills and some specialized skills.

The only different between an SDIT and other testers is the specialism they decided to focus on. Just because a tester has chosen not to focus on automation, doesn’t mean that they are not technical.

Callum provided a possible journey a tester could follow to develop more technical skills, if that is what they wanted to do. This was a journey that he himself followed.

MOTrix: Observations on the Developer/Tester Relationship

The second talk was delivered by Richard Bradshaw, the Ministry of Testing BossBoss.

We’ve all rolled our eyes when a developer has provided the unhelpful response “It works on my machine!”. We’ve also moaned in frustration when a developer accuses testers of not being technical.

However, testers are guilty of their own sins like accusing developers of not testing. Despite being a talk developed for a testing audience, it also provided an insight into frustrating actions of testers from a developer point of view.

TestBash Home

If you’ve ever been to a TestBash conference before, you’ll know that its much more friendly and collaborative when compared to other conferences. It seemed impossible to achieve the same experience from virtual conferences…but somehow they did.

Last week saw the debut of TestBash Home. A new virtual conference that replaced the TestBash events cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I posted all my sketch-notes from the talks in the following blog posts:

First 12 hours:

Last 12 hours: