Test Bash Home is finally here!

Apologies in advance if parts of this blog post make little sense. I’ve managed a few naps to get me through the night but I am generally sleep deprived.

I’ve drawn up sketch notes for all talks I’ve watched. I can’t promise I’ll draw up notes for every talk, but I’ll do my best.

Sketchnotes for the 2nd half of the conference can be found here:

The notes for talks you won’t see here or on the follow up blog post are:

  • A Bug Hunt Live
    • really don’t think this talk is suitable for sketch-noting
  • Panel: Coaching and Management
  • Evil User Stories – Improve Your Application Security
  • Exploring Black Box Puzzles
    • Again, not really suitable. Also, I took part in this. I can’t sketch-note a talk I was in.

Sketch-notes From The First Half

99 Second Talk notes

I use this as a note taking exercise and future idea generator. I will add additional notes in another pen color at a later date and use this as inspiration for future blog or social media posts. This is why they are not as colorful as my other notes.

I managed to squeeze all the talks (other than my own talk) onto a single piece of A4 paper. Bruce’s talk only just fit.

My connection dropped out briefly during Emna’s talk, and I thought she mentioned a 4th skill. Can anyone let me know what it was?

More Photos

I started the night in my awesome Ministry Of Test t-shirt, but I succumbed to the temptation of sleep. So I changed into my pajamas and took a nap. Well done to anyone who has stayed awake the entire time.