I’ve had just 4 hours sleep in the last 24 hours but it was so worth it. TestBash Home has been a wonderful community driven event with so much learning, enhanced by its interactive style. Being online did not negate the friendly and collaborative experience commonly associated with TestBash events.

I’ve had so many messages about my sketchnotes. I’m glad you like them. I’ve found reviewing other peoples sketchnotes at past conferences a useful exercise as it allows me to compare other peoples interpretation of the talk. Feel free to borrow, copy or steal these notes, they are there to be shared.

Sketch-notes from the first half of the conference can be viewed here: https://louisegibbstest.wordpress.com/2020/05/01/testbash-home-the-first-12-hours-sketchnotes/

I’ve not been able to watch all the talks, but I might watch and post sketch-notes for the talks I missed at a later date.

The notes for talks you won’t see here are:

  • A Bug Hunt Live
    • really don’t think this talk is suitable for sketch-noting
  • Panel: Coaching and Management
  • Evil User Stories – Improve Your Application Security
  • Exploring Black Box Puzzles
    • Again, not really suitable. Also, I took part in this. I can’t sketch-note a talk I was in.

Sketch-notes From The Second Half

99 Second Talks

Here are my notes from the second round of 99 second talks. I wrote these out live during the session. I use this as a note taking exercise, to train myself to recognize and write the key points. I then add additional notes to them in a different pen colour. These are new ideas inspired by the 99 second talk, which go on to inspire future blog posts or discussions.

Live Coaching – Exploring The Black Box Puzzles – With James Lyndsey

I eagerly volunteered (maybe a little too eager) to take part in this very curious workshop. We were given a puzzle, and told to carry out exploratory testing to try and find out what the basic principle was. It was fun, even if we didn’t work out the answer. I’m still working it out now.

Go to the following link to give it a go. If you want the answer, then you’ll need to contact James Lyndsey directly: