There are several up and coming online events which I’m really excited about.

First, is the next Ministry of Testing Power Hour event. This will take place on The Club on Wednesday 27th November. For an hour, Rob Meaney shall answer as many questions as possible on Operability. Do you have a question to ask? Submit them here.

Next is the OnlineTestConf, an online conference which takes place twice a year. I am very excited to be one of the media partners for the Fall 2019 conference which takes place on the 3rd and 4th December. I will be publishing sketch notes for some of the talks. All talks are recorded, and available to watch online after the event. This includes all talks from past conferences which can be viewed here.

Finally, the Ministry of Testing will be hosting an Ask Me Anything session. On Tuesday 10th December, Elizabeth Hocke will be online answering questions on Collaboration, Pairing and Mobbing. There will be an opportunity to submit questions and vote on other questions that you’d like to be answered. Click here to register, submit and vote on questions.


Address Matching with Violet Kovacheva
In the final #MidsTest meetup of the year, Violet Kovacheva talked about the challenges of Address Matching. There are so many different address variations that it becomes a near impossible task. The real shocker was finding out that not all house numbers are positive. Apparently there is a building in the UK with the number -1. My sketch-notes from the evening have been published here.


Test Automation Guild Podcast: Smart TestBrain Automation with James Farrier
This weeks guest is James Farrier, the founder of Appsurify. We are introduced to TestBrain, a machine learning solution that identifies which tests to run based on risk and changes made to the application. We don’t always have time to run all tests. Optimizing the process by only running the tests that are most likely to find defects can speed up development by providing feedback sooner.

Articles and blog posts

Running my first Community of Practice kick-off workshop (Part 3) – The Pirate Tester
In the final part of his Community of Practice trilogy, Lee Marshall talks about setting goals. The trick is to be SMART with your goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound). Click the following links for Part 1 and Part 2.

The (Real) 11 Reasons I Don’t Hire You – Charity
Have you ever attended a job interview that you felt went well but, for some reason, you didn’t get the job? There are many reasons, and its not always because you are a bad candidate.

The Test Pyramid – Jessie Leung
This article introduces the test pyramid, however mainly focuses on end to end testing. How many end to end tests should be included? Does this change on legacy code bases?

Don’t Forget To Look Out Of The Window – Alexander On Testing
A well written post that raises awareness about those who are sleeping rough. Alexander slept outside for the night on Saturday 23rd November to raise money for the Slough Winter Night Shelter. After reading this, I chose to make a small donation.

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