Here are a few sketch-notes from day 2 of TestCon Europe. I missed a lot of talks on the second day due to giving my own talk and conversations with other people. There are several talks I hope to watch once they are made available online. More sketch notes may be published in the future.

You can’t be agile if your testing practices suck by Peter Gfader

Do we know what Agile means? Can it actually solve our problems? In a lot of cases, agile is not going to solve all our problems. Instead, we should focus on improving our own practices. Peter Gfader kicks off Day 2 of Test Con Europe with this thought provoking opening keynote.

How to organize ethical QA rules in an organisation by Michal Buczko

Who remembers the Volkswagen Diesel Gate scandal? How many employees do you think were aware of this but didn’t raise any concerns? In this talk, Michal Buczko explains how a small dilemma could lead to a major issue. Ethics should matter to everyone within an organisation – employees and management. Employees should be encouraged to make the right choices.

Chaos: Breaking your systems to make them unbreakable by Jason Yee

Jason Yee gave a brilliant introduction to Chaos Engineering. He walks us through the process that takes place at Data Dog when they run ‘Game Days’ – planning out which tests to run, running these tests and monitoring the effects, and then recording the outcomes.

Final thoughts…

I’ve never been to a conference as big as TestCon Europe before. This was also the first conference I attended outside the UK. I really enjoyed my trip to Lithuania, a country I knew very little about before travelling there. Not only did I learn new ideas around software testing, but also a lot about the country as well – and Lithuania is an amazing country.

I am very grateful to the conference organizers for giving me the opportunity to attend and speak at such an amazing event.

Something I’ve started doing at conferences is to encourage people I meet to sign my notebook. It is a nice reminder of all the wonderful people I met. It was great to meet someone from a #WomenInTech group based in Columbia (thanks for the sticker). I would also like to praise Olek’s creative drawing (I’m sure you can draw something else). However, prize for the best drawing has to go to Iancho (one of the other speakers) who drew the backside of an elephant.

Thankyou for all the wonderful messages.