The first day of talks at Test Bash Manchester is now over, and what an amazing day it was. I spoke to many people. Just like SwanseaCon, I asked people to sign my notebook. Unfortunately, my drink leaked in my bag. Fortunately the damage wasn’t too bad.

The day started with lean coffee where we discussed the role of testers should take in unit testing.

Between talks, I eagerly attended the UnExpo – an alternative to an Expo where, instead of companies selling products setting up a stall, fellow attendees present ideas instead. I spoke to Neil Studd who asked about testing dreams. I wrote that my dream was to setup a test meetup in Worcester. After chatting to Neil about this for a few minutes, I turned to leave only to overhear someone say “Oh, someone here is from Worcester”. I immediately introduced myself to them (2 people from the same company near Worcester) and asked them if they were interested in attending a meet-up. I now have 2 potential attendees – I’d better get started on organizing the meetup.

I also took part in risk storming, chatted to @Testing_Scott about mental health and testing, and spoke to the Guilty Tester. I often listen to the Guilty Testing podcast, so it was great to meet the presenter in person. I’d previously emailed him about being a guest on the podcast, but other commitments meant that this has not happened yet. Maybe in the future.

In the evening, I attended the post-conference meetup where there was plenty of food and alcohol. I stuck to a single glass of wine, I am speaking tomorrow and don’t want to be tired or hungover.

When I returned home, I made a start on the sketch-notes for today’s talks. I’ve not yet completing sketch-notes for all the talks, and still have to add color to the ones I completed, but here they are. Someone was asking if there were any on twitter, so thought I’d share what I’d done so far.

Observability and Testing: What’s happening under the hood

Talk by Pierre Vincent

How I learnt to be a better test through Humble Inquiry

Talk by Kwesi Peterson

My story of Kanban and its positive impact on testing

Talk by Conor Fitzgerald

Continuous Testing

Talk by Gary Fleming