Communities of Practice – Notes from Ask Me Anything Webinar

I’ve decided to take some time off from writing to enjoy the rest of the summer. Don’t worry, I’m still reading blogs, watching webinars and currently working through a couple of courses at the Test Automation University. I’ve also got to prepare for Swansea Con where I will be giving my talk ‘Quality not Quantity – Gettin value out of Test Automation‘. There may be the occasional blog post, if inspiration hits, like this one about the Ministry of Testings latest Ask Me Anything.

Lee Marshall is an excellent advocate for communities in practice. He runs the #MidsTest meetup, and graciously permitted me give 2 talks there – one in January and another in July of this year. I was very excited to find out that he was taking part in one of the Ministry of Testing’s ask me anything webinars.

I’ve recently started running my own community of practice sessions. I’ve referred to them as discussion sessions. It is still early days, so the structure of these sessions still needs some refining. This talk gave me some great ideas to improve on these sessions.

I’ve recently tried out sketch noting. My first attempt was for Angie Jones talk, “What’s that Smell? Tidying up out Test Code”. I like having all the key points from a talk on a single A4 page, but my first attempt was rather messy. This attempt went a lot better – thanks to me investing in a ruler – although my handwriting could still do with some improvement.


1 thought on “Communities of Practice – Notes from Ask Me Anything Webinar

  1. ThePirateTester

    Glad your found the session useful and lots of notes. I can barely remember what I said, it was like a weird blur, as I couldn’t fully prepare for it, and it was me speaking on the fly.



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