It is a little last minute, but I am so excited to be given the opportunity to attend the London Tester Gathering Workshops. I will be attending the ‘Automate Scenarios with SpecFlow’ workshop on the 26th June, run by Gáspár Nagy.

Specflow is a framework that uses Behaviour Driven Development. We’ve been looking into trying out new test automation frameworks at work and this is one that we’re hoping to use more extensively.

Response to ‘How do you solve a problem like Selenium?’

Last week, I wrote a little more about the AB Testing podcasts thoughts on the industry obsession with UI testing and Selenium. João Farias, who runs the blog, shared a couple of interesting articles on the subject.

What do you mean by UI tests? by Mark Winteringham, Automation in Testing
Are we testing the UI or testing through the UI? In this post, Mark discusses the definition of UI tests a little more. Not everything needs to be tested through the UI, but ultimately it is about risk. The risk defines the approach, not the tool.

Testing Ember Applications: First Steps by João Farias, That’s a bug
João talks about his previous experience testing using Ember which tests the front end code, rather than the UI (which Selenium does).

Link to the comments can be found here. Thanks for sharing João, much appreciated!


Ask Me Anything – Shift Left, Shift Right – Marcus Merrell
A brilliant AMA, hosted by the MInistry of Testing. Many brilliant questions were asked about Shift Left and Shift Right, and Marcus Merrell gave some brilliant answers to them all.

Further questions and discussion on the subject can be viewed here:

Articles and blog posts

Beware the inexperienced automation team, Beaufort Fairmont
We wouldn’t allow a team to only consist of entry-level developers. So why would we allow inexperienced test automation engineers or testers with no coding experience develop automated tests?


State of Testing Survey 2019, Practitest
Practitest have published their annual state of testing survey. Have a look to see how your experiences compare with other software testers around the world.

The ultimate list of 100 software testing quotes by Sofia Palamarchuk, Abstracta
A list of quotes on quality, testing, automation and some other fun ones. Here is a small selection:

  • “To those who say that “if you need testing at the end, you’re doing it wrong”, would you prefer a Boeing, or are you going Air Icarus?”Michael Bolton
  • “The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘Now that’s funny…’” Isaac Asimov
  • “Just because you’ve counted all the trees doesn’t mean you’ve seen the forest.”— Anonymous
  • “If we want to be serious about quality, it is time to get tired of finding bugs and start preventing their happening in the first place.”— Alan Page
  • “Where is the ‘any’ key?” Homer Simpson

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