Last night I watched Ministry of Testings Ask Me Anything about Shift Left and Shift Right. Some great questions were asked, and I learnt a lot from it.

The most enlightening moment for me was when I actually learnt what shift right meant. I thought it was just testing in production, but its so much more than that. It is learning about the software post release based on actual data and user behaviour, and feeding this information back to improve the testing process.

Shift left is already well known and well used by testing teams everywhere. However, without shift right, we are unaware of what is happening post-production. The data collected post-production could be used to make our testing efforts more efficient.

We can make testing great using shift left, we can make it greater using shift right.

The full webinar can be watched here:

Further questions and discussion on the subject can be viewed here:

I am currently sorting through all my notes from the AMA. I will try and publish a proper post about what I learnt next week.

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