I was very excited when TestProject announced their test automation challenge. The main reason for this is that it required us to combine API and UI tests. API testing is something I have very little experience in. I’ve been wanting to expand my software testing skills to include API testing for some time.

UI Test

Since most of my test automation experience is with UI testing, I started out by creating a basic UI test using TestProject’s record and playback feature. This test launched Wikipedia, entered the search term ‘Software testing’, clicked return, and then checked the heading of the web page opened in the browser.

I then adapted the test so that the parameter WikipediaSearchTerm is set at the start of each test. After submitting this search term, the test checks that the firstHeading matches the WikipediaSearchTerm.

UI Test result
UI Test as shown in the test editor

API Test

This was a little harder since I’ve never created any automated API tests before. I started out by copying what was done in the video (shown in the original TestProject blog post that announced the challenge).

I then adapted the query, json path and validation to match what I searched for in the UI test. I changed the query so the search term WikipediaSearchTerm was used, the json path searched for the title instead of the snippet, and the validation checked that the WikipediaSearchTerm matched the response.

Validation for the API Test
URL, Query and Json path for the API Test
API Test in the editor
API Test Result

Combining the API and UI test

By using the same parameter, WikipediaSearchTerm, in both the UI and API test I was able to combine the 2 tests very easily. I was able to confirm that the API response matched the actual result that is returned when the same search term is entered via the UI.

Full test report. The API test, UI test and the combined API and UI test were run (the combined test is cut off but the result is visible on the right).


The video included in the TestProject blog gave some brilliant basic instructions for creating and API and UI test. Using this as a starting point, I was able to gradually learn more about API testing and how to use TestProject to create basic UI tests. I look forward to learning more about API testing using TestProject in the future.