This week, my second Game of Thrones blog post was published on In this blog post, I compare the tactics used in the Battle of Winterfell to the testing pyramid. I also took the time to watch the Star East lightning talks, which are available to watch online for 3 months. I’ve written summaries for each lightning talk on this weeks blog post. Lightning talks may be short, but I really encourage people to watch them. They are an amazing source of inspiration.

I am travelling to Colorado again this week for work, so there isn’t likely to be another blog post for a couple of weeks. When travelling for work, I find I have a lot less time for reading and writing. On my last visit, by the time I’d recovered from the Jet Lag it was time to return to the UK.

Social Media Discussions

Testing automation engineers failing to check that tests are correct – by Jaydeep Basu
Why do we assume that our tests are correct? When a test passes, is this an indication of the application working or the test automation being wrong so failing to find a bug?
Ironically, while responding to my comment, Michael Bolton finds a bug and reports it in the comment.

Which job is harder? Development or Testing? – by Brijesh Deb
The testing role is often unappreciated and overlooked, but how does it compare to development? Do both roles deserve the same level of respect?

Canary Release – by myself
I heard this term a couple of times recently (but failed to record where). It is something we’ve done before but I never knew this was what it was called. The phrase itself sounds both funny and relevant, which is why I love it so much and had to start a discussion on it.

Blog Posts and Articles

Differences Between AI and Machine Learning, and Why it Matters by Robert Iriondo, Medium
The last couple of years have seen a surge in interest for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Although people do seem confused about what they actually are. This article brilliantly explains what each one is, demonstrating that they are not the same thing. Particularly for machine learning, Robert Iriondo explains the different types of learning that may be covered.

Seven Excuses Software Testers Need to Stop Making by Kristin Jackvony, The Thinking Tester
What excuses do you use when you either can’t test something or failed to test something? In this article, Kristin Jackvony examines some of the common excuses and discusses why should no longer be used.

A ScrumMaster Has No Name by Pete Walen, Rhythm of Testing
A blog post describing the essential role of the scrum master – an often thankless task with little praise or prestige. People rarely understand what the role is.

6 Ways Testers Can Add Value (Other Than Functional Testing) by Ajay Balamurugadas, Sticky Minds
A tester does not need to just test. There are other tasks that they can do (and probably should be doing). These include performing a UX review, understanding the customer better by spending time with customer support, and doing some competitor analysis.

Crystal Ball – Automation in Test Years Time – Richard Bradshaw, Friendly Tester
How will test automation change? Richard Bradshaw puts forward his idea of what changes will be made in the next 10 years. Suggestions include self-healing tests and exploratory tests with automated guidance and observation.

7 Pitfalls To Avoid When Testing In Production – Michael Battat, applitools
Michael Battat explores common mistakes people make when testing in producting including failure to include monitoring, not learning from monitoring and including too much monitoring so little value can be gained from it.

Webinars, Virtual Conferences and other online events

StarEast 2019 virtual conference
This conference took place in Florida between April 28th and May 3rd 2019. They have a small selection of talks available to watch on demand for 3 months after the conference. I’ve already watched the lightning talks (I’ve published summaries of these in this weeks blog post), and I plan to watch a couple more at some point in the near future.

Power Hour – Dive into Browser Developer Tools with Alan Richardson and Viv Richards
An event that takes place on 16th May at 7pm (BST). Post any questions before this date.

Dorothy Graham’s Star East Lightning Talk
For her lightning talk, Dorothy Graham wrote a poem which is sung to the tune of ‘These are a few of my favorite things’ from the Sound of Music. I must commend Dorothy on her creativity and bravery for singing this song in front of so many people. Public speaking is hard enough without singing as well. The lyrics have been published on her blog.

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Testing Conferences

The Club
A forum for discussing, asking questions, answering questions, and requesting help. Run by the Ministry of Testing.

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