A really busy week this week, with little time for reading. Although I did manage to find the time to read a small number of interesting articles.

It is easy to find time to listen to Podcasts with my 40 minute drive to work, roughly the length of time most podcast episodes tend to be. Podcasts help break down the monotony of a long drive and makes my commute more productive. They are also great for generating new ideas, I get a lot of inspiration from them.

However, I can’t write down any of these ideas while driving. As soon as I arrive at work, I grab my notebook from my satchel and write down these thoughts before they disappear forever. This weeks podcasts from test talks and AB testing have definitely given me some new ideas.


Test Talks podcast – Automate the planet with Anton Andelov
An informative interview with Anton Andelov about automation frameworks, including how he created the Bellatrix test automation framework. He also discusses the difference between frameworks and libraries and issues with open source frameworks.

AB Testing – Episode 97: Questions about Developers and Tests
This was the first time I’ve listened to this podcast and I was very impressed. Discussions included how the profession and skills required for testing have changed and how to encourage developers to do unit tests.


Is it ever too early for automation?
Paul Grizzaffi examines common excuses for not starting automation and why they don’t stick. Grizzaffi includes a brilliant quote, which was actually from one of his earlier articles, that I believe defines automation perfectly: “Automation is the judicious application of technology to help humans do their jobs.” Automation – A definition, Paul Grizzaffi

4 ways to use acceptance criteria
Guest posting by Justin Rohrman on the gurock blog. In this article, Rohrman discusses the different ways that acceptance criteria can be used, while noting that “[Acceptance Criteria] should be used as prompts, not as explicit instructions”.

Talking Testing with Michael Bolton
Gabbi Trotter covers a wide range of topics in this interview with Michael Bolton. Topics include how the value of testers have changed, should testers learn to code, keeping up to date with changing technologies and Women in Test. A lot of really good information in one article.

Don’t eat stale automation
Paul Grizzaffi shared another brilliant article, originally published in April 2017, on how automated tests can have a shelf-life and why its important to run automation audits to manage the tests so they still continue to bring value to a project.

3 lessons from the test automation school of hard knocks
Achieving success in test automation is a challenge. Personal experience is key, but listening to other peoples experiences is equally important. There are always new lessons to be learnt. Angie Jones has a wealth of knowledge and experience in test automation. In this article she shares some lessons that she’s learnt.

Blog posts
Last week I published a blog post on how test automation should be used to enhance the overall testing strategy rather than replacing manual testing. I posted this on LinkedIn which ignited some interesting discussions:

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