4th – 10th February 2019

It has been a really busy week. I’ve had an article published on testproject.io about record and playback tools in test automation frameworks.

I’ve written 2 articles on the subject, the next one should be published next week. This weeks article was a general discussion on the benefits of record and playback tools. The next article will be about how to adapt the code automatically generated from record and playback tools.

There has been some debate about if useful automated tests can be created using record and playback tools. In the links below I’ve included my own article, another article discussing the negatives of record and playback tools and another video which discusses the subject in more detail.

Record and Playback articles

Benefits of Record and Playback features in Test Automation
An article that I’ve written for testproject.io on the benefits of record and playback features in test automation.

Record and Playback Test Automation and its darkness
An article written by Kushan Shalindra Amarasiri, author of the viper test automation framework, which looks at the negatives of record and playback features.

Is record and playback in automation a better approach?
A really interesting video by Karthik KK of executeautomation.com who goes into a more detail about record and playback tools.


The Good, the Bad and the Buggy – Ready for Takeoff (episode 16)
This episode discusses how technology has changed how we travel and common bugs such as fare errors. This episode introduces guest Jon Fortunati who speaks about the importance of code reviews.

The Guilty Tester podcast (episode 9)
A discussion on the issues of code freezes, release freezes, and issues releasing at certain times like before weekends or christmas break. This latest episode broke away from its usual format and interviewed 3 guests instead of 1. I felt that this was a brilliant idea as it was nice to hear 3 different opinions on the subject.

Other Articles

5 Most Common mistakes with test automation
This article includes a short video starring Felix, the senior test engineer at ROQ. This included a particularly interesting point about issues that arise with engaging test automation later in the lifecycle.

Good Tests and Bad Metrics: Choosing quality over quantity in software testing
A brilliant article by Sadhvi Singh about using alternative metrics to quantitive ones. Are numbers the best way to demonstrate testing value?

Why Selenium and Cucumber should not be used together
Amir Ghahrai of testingexcellence.com explains the different benefits of cucumber and selenium and why they are not compatible.

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