3rd February, 2019

Currently, I don’t follow many blogs. I prefer to discover blog posts and articles without actively hunting for them. It’s more surprising what I find.

This week, I discovered a new blog which I definitely plan to follow – thatsabug.com. This blog includes a weekly feature – ‘5 things to read this week‘. It’s an idea that I like so much that I’ve decided to start publishing similar posts each week.

This week was rather busy at work so I had less time to read. Also, I only read this new blog around Thursday so didn’t start taking note of what I actually read until then. Actually writing down what I read seems like good practice in general and I wished I’d started doing it sooner. I promise next weeks list is going to be much more extensive.

That’s A Bug blog

I’m going to start my first list with the blog by João Farias that inspired it. I really look forward to seeing what is posted this week. It is an excellent way to find new blog posts.

Scrum by Example – How to deal with bad user stories

This article by Mark Levison discusses common mistakes when writing user stories, and what should be done about them.

Maybe my mom wasn’t right – A dirty room for automation

In this blog post, Paul Grizzaffi discusses the advantages and disadvantages of a clean and dirty room (or test environment).

Automated Testing, a Developers’​ Role?

A really interesting article by Guv Johal, where the role of software testers and developers are discussed.

Call me self centered, but I had to include this article as it mentioned the talk I gave at the #MidsTest meetup in Birmingham on the 23rd January. Things I said in both the main talk and the 99 second talk were referenced which is really encouraging.

The Good, The Bad and the Buggy podcast (Episode 13 – Food for Thought)

This episode discussed the way ordering food has changed thanks to new technologies. It made me think about the way I order food, especially fast food. I find I’m more likely to shop at certain restaurants because of the way they’ve incorporated technology into their ordering systems. Online ordering, drive through, self service terminals are just a few ways that ordering food has been made easier, thus improving the overall customer experience. It inspired the following blog post I wrote this week.

Image taken from http://www.publicdomainpictures.net